Arbors | Pergolas | Patio Covers


Arbors, Pergolas & Patio Covers can transform a regular backyard to a unique backyard get away. Not to mention a nice shade for those hot summer texas days! A pergola/arbor come in many different shapes and sizes, and are always built uniquely to the customers needs. Most of the patio covers are made of cedar and if desired can be shingled to and add great value to your home.

Arbors are small free standing structures and can block up to 70% of the sun depending on the style. They are usually used for:

  • entryways
  • gardens
  • create shade for pools
  • patios
  • sitting areas
  • and used for climbing vines


Pergolas are similar to Arbors except they usually attached to the ground and/or house and larger in size. They are usually used:

  • over patios to create shade
  • to extend a usable space
  • or used in landscaping to bring character to your outdoor space


Unlike arbors and pergolas patio covers are a completely covered waterproof structure. They are usually attached to the home making it look like it was there from the start! There are many different options for Patio Covers varying in different finishes, looks and cost.


Our custom designed patio cover will give your home the classic garden home look with a trellis for adding growing vines.

And if your needing more space to entertain family, friends or activities then an arbor or pergola may be the perfect choice for you!